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29 Emmons Drive, Princeton, NJ, 08540

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CPN Property
CPN Exclusive

West Windsor Professional Center

51 Everett Drive

Great location for office, medical, day care or recreation.  Various units available, offering single story space, direct tenant access and utility control.  Ample on site parking.  Large exterior open area available for either day care, recreation, school, or ?  Walking distance to small shopping center with restaurants, near municipal building and train station.  Convenient yet … Continue reading West Windsor Professional Center

More Detailed Summary

Enterprise Business Center @ Morgan Lane

101 Morgan Lane

Two buildings (101 and 103 Morgan) of similar design. Ample parking. Walk to small retail center, close to Route One & Exit 8A.

More Detailed Summary

Office Center at Plainsboro

666 Plainsboro Road

Site comprises three courtyards of 11,000/SF buildings. Ideal office, professional, medical or service location. Walking distance to small retail center, and housing. Easy access to Route One, and Exit 8A/Cranbury.

More Detailed Summary

Forrestal South @ Forrestal Road

8 Forrestal Road, Princeton, NJ

New construction medical professional space adjacent to Penn Princeton Medical Center, and Lifestyle Fitness. This new project has broken ground for a 40,000/SF 2-story medical building, offering space from 2500-20,000/SF Additional approvals for 80,000/SF are available, with build to suit options from 40,000/SF on up. Potential for equity participation.

More Detailed Summary