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Over 75 years combined transactional experience

  • Nearly 3 million square feet of completed transactions

  • Direct experience with office, lab, medical, warehouse, retail, investment & development

  • Aggressive lease negotiation and renewal strategies

  • Below is a snapshot of several recent transactions within the region
    Recent Transaction

    Commercial Property Network recently negotiated the sale of a portion of 80 Lambert Lane, in Lambertville.  CPN represented both the Seller, Riverworks Partners, and Springdale Village LLC as Buyer, for the long term sale leaseback investment transaction.  William Barish handled the transaction for CPN.


    Recent Transaction

    CPN recently concluded the seventh expansion for Billtrust, the nations’ premier billing/processing solutions company.  With this expansion, Billtrust now has over 31,000 square feet within American Metro Center @ Hamilton, along with other locations in Hamilton and throughout the country.


    Rent Transaction

    Al Toto just concluded the third lease expansion for Ulrichsen, Rosen & Freed, a family law practice in Pennington, NJ.  They have been able to continually find appropriate expansion options within the Pennington Point professional complex, also handled by Mr. Toto of CPN.