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29 Emmons Drive, Princeton, NJ, 08540

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Address: 133 Franklin Corner Road
Price: $18/SF-Call for Sale Terms
Size: 31,000/SF
Area Near 195, 295, just off Route One and Princeton Pike
Available For Sale or Lease, various, Great owner-user income opportunity

Convenient location offering convenient access to Route One, 195/295.

Walking distance to restaurants.

This Property is Presented by

William Barish

Thank you for your interest.  Bill started his career in 1981, and was a founder of CPN in 1988.  During that time he has been directly involved in over $350 million in transactions from 1000/SF on up, representing such firms as Merrill Lynch, Fidelity Investments, Princeton University, Billtrust, Hovnanian Corporation and a diverse range of corporations from start ups to well known local corporations. He has also been involved in the sale of such well known local properties as 100 Canal Point (71,000/SF office building), Princeton Commerce Center (72,000/SF-twice), Windsor Green (sold to original developers), 861 Alexander Road (22,000/SF, sold twice) and a wide range of other office, industrial buildings and development parcels.

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