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Address: 801 Route 206
Price: Open to offerings, joint venture or other
Size: 2.3 acres
Area Route 206, north side of Princeton
Available Land site, 2.3 acres, 18,000/SF in approval process

In approval process, two floors, 18,000/SF on 2.3 acres.

Ideal for mixed use retail-professional center

Great concept is to keep ground floor retail for rent and convert 2nd floor as professional condo


This Property is Presented by

Al Toto, Jr.

Al has been active throughout the overall Princeton/Central NJ business community, focusing his
efforts on the marketing and sale of projects along the Route 31, Route 206 and Downtown Princeton markets. Al has sold a variety of properties in downtown Princeton, Route 206, throughout Pennington and the Route 31 Corridor. It has been said by many, that if it happens in Pennington, Al Toto has had something to do with it.

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