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29 Emmons Drive, Princeton, NJ, 08540

…We Have A Place For Your Company

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Address: 3879 Quakerbridge Road
Price: Reduced to $515,000
Size: 2850/SF, can divide to 1000/SF
Area 195/295, Hamilton Lawrenceville
Available 1000 to 2850/SF

Great location, with good access and visibility.  Just off Sloan @ 295, convenient to Route One and all other services.

Ideal for office, medical or other professional uses.

Can divide, sale, lease, or lease with purchase option.

Contact Brett Keays for a showing of this opportunity:  609-477-6348

This Property is Presented by

Brett W Keays-Sales Associate

Brett Joins CPN with several years of marketing and client contact background.
Brett will focus his efforts on client support, new business development and assisting
firms looking for sale or leasing opportunities

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