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Address: 300 Princeton Hightstown Road
Price: Please call for updated pricing
Size: 1200-80,000SF
Area East and West Windsor, on Route 571, Princeton Hightstown Roadjust off Route 130 at 133 bypass
Available Call for updated size opportunities

Two 2-story, high quality medical professional buildings.
Immediate occupancy and spaces which can be designed to suit.
Highly visible and accessible location on Route 571 at 133 bypass, and Route 130.
5/1000 parking

This Property is Presented by

Paul Goldman

Paul provides CPN with decades of commercial real estate experience as a director of leasing, new business development and brokerage experience.
He brings over 30 years experience of sale, site selection, lease negotiation and project management. Paul will specialize in the Mercer County and surrounding markets, targeting commercial clients seeking to purchase, sell or acquire space. He can be reached at or 609-577-1084.

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