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Take a look at the properties below and contact us with any question. If you don’t see a property fitting your specifications, please let us know as we often have new properties in the works
CPN Property
CPN Exclusive

West Windsor Professional Center

51 Everett Drive

Great location for office, medical, day care or recreation.  Various units available, offering single story space, direct tenant access and utility control.  Ample on site parking.  Large exterior open area available for either day care, recreation, school, or ?  Walking distance to small shopping center with restaurants, near municipal building and train station.  Convenient yet … Continue reading West Windsor Professional Center

More Detailed Summary
CPN Property
CPN Exclusive

Bunn Drive Medical Arts Complex

800 Bunn Drive

Free standing 30,000/SF 3-story building, offering convenient Princeton location off Harrison Street. Immediate occupancy or design to suit. High quality space offered by organization with many other medical complexes throughout the region.

More Detailed Summary
CPN Property
CPN Exclusive

East Windsor Medical Arts Complex

300 Princeton Hightstown Road

Two 2-story, high quality medical professional buildings. Immediate occupancy and spaces which can be designed to suit. Highly visible and accessible location on Route 571 at 133 bypass, and Route 130. 5/1000 parking

More Detailed Summary

1445 Lower Ferry Road

1445 Lower Ferry Road

High quality warehouse distribution space, conveniently located off 195 and Route 31. The 1445 building, comprising 133,000/SF is just one of two options within the complex. Various spaces options from 25,000-65,000/SF. Ideal for warehouse, flex, R&D, distribution and more.

More Detailed Summary
CPN Property
CPN Exclusive

1580 Reed Road, Pennington Sale or Lease, Income or Owner User opportunity

1580 Reed Road

Free Standing 17,245/SF multi-tenant income property, also suitable for owner-user. Site is 4.2 acres, ample on site parking, tailboard and drive in loading. Office and warehouse, various units, heated and air conditioned. Contact Paul Goldman for detailed income, expenses and vacancy information.

More Detailed Summary

Office Center @ Nami Lane

5 Nami Lane

Office space for sale or lease, 29,000/SF-can divide to 3500/SF. Deliver in shell condition, or design to suit. Ample parking. Minutes from 195/295 @ Sloan Avenue, close to restaurants and train

More Detailed Summary

Enterprise Park @ Ewing

800 Sylvia Street

Hi quality flex, warehouse, office conversion. Great access to 95 and Bucks County. Good expansion potential.

More Detailed Summary

University Plaza

741 Alexander Road

Immediate occupancy for 5000-20,000/SF. Office warehouse suites available. Ample parking, ideal for recreation or similar.

More Detailed Summary

Windsor Industrial Park

92 North Main Street

Mixed use warehouse, lab, office complex. Wide range of space types and sizes. Very cost effective.

More Detailed Summary

Montgomery Knoll off 206

Tamarack Circle

Highly sought after office-professional complex. Opportunity for ownership or lease with purchase option. For Sale units available, 1500 and 1900/SF.

More Detailed Summary