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Take a look at the properties below and contact us with any question. If you don’t see a property fitting your specifications, please let us know as we often have new properties in the works
CPN Property
CPN Exclusive

31 Darrah Lane: Lawrenceville, 9500/SF, Office medical, Sale or lease

31 Darrah Lane

Existing 9500/SF single story building, right off Route One and Princeton Pike. Creative interior design, higher ceiling, exposed beam work. Ideal for medical conversion. Unique renovation, open plan, lots of glass, great access and signage. Additional approvals for 6000/SF office and two floors of apartments, 12 units  

More Detailed Summary
CPN Property
CPN Exclusive

Pennington-Redevelopment Opportunity-varied site concepts-25 acres

132 Route 31

Unique opportunity for mixed-use development, several hundred feet of road frontage, lighted intersection. Town is receptive to alternative development schemes and uses, site can divide. Mixed use development potential Three road access points. -On site utilities -Some site wetlands -Development guidelines available Seeking qualified redevelopment entities or owner/users.

More Detailed Summary
CPN Property
CPN Exclusive

206 Office-Retail

801 Route 206

In approval process, two floors, 18,000/SF on 2.3 acres. Ideal for mixed use retail-professional center Great concept is to keep ground floor retail for rent and convert 2nd floor as professional condo  

More Detailed Summary

Roszel Road Professional Complex

12 Roszel Road

Currently only office/professional condo complex in Princeton. Right next to Carnegie Center, Hyatt and just off Route One. Two story complex, elevator served, ample parking

More Detailed Summary
CPN Property
CPN Exclusive

Princeton Service Center

3490 Route One

Ideal redevelopment

More Detailed Summary