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Take a look at the properties below and contact us with any question. If you don’t see a property fitting your specifications, please let us know as we often have new properties in the works
CPN Property
CPN Exclusive

39 Bridge Street

39 Bridge Street

Lambertville, retail/office/service. 100% location at corner of Bridge and South Union. 600 and 2100SF + basement. Former Bank space, unique finishes.

More Detailed Summary

1675 Whitehorse Mercerville Road Income Property For Sale

1675 Whitehorse Mercerville Road

Multi-tenant, two story, elevator. 16,000SF – 85% leased, with upside potential. Several units available for lease. Great access and visibility, ample on site parking.

More Detailed Summary
CPN Property
CPN Exclusive

111 Union Valley Road-Medical Space

111 Union Valley Road

Medical professional space in high quality building. Second floor corner space, move in condition. Ample parking and great visibility. Variety of other medical services nearby

More Detailed Summary
CPN Property
CPN Exclusive

31 Darrah Lane: Lawrenceville, 9500/SF, Office medical, Sale or lease

31 Darrah Lane

Existing 9500/SF single story building, right off Route One and Princeton Pike. Creative interior design, higher ceiling, exposed beam work. Ideal for medical conversion. Unique renovation, open plan, lots of glass, great access and signage. Additional approvals for 6000/SF office and two floors of apartments, 12 units  

More Detailed Summary
CPN Property
CPN Exclusive

3379 Quakerbridge Road, Office/Medical, Sale or Lease

3879 Quakerbridge Road

Great location, with good access and visibility.  Just off Sloan @ 295, convenient to Route One and all other services. Ideal for office, medical or other professional uses. Can divide, sale, lease, or lease with purchase option. Contact Brett Keays for a showing of this opportunity:  609-477-6348

More Detailed Summary
CPN Property
CPN Exclusive

101 Poor Farm Road, Princeton: 6000-18,000/SF- Sale or Lease

101 Poor Farm Road

Unique Princeton opportunity to own or lease a large block of well located space in Princeton Township. 101 Poor Farm Road is offering an 18,000/SF, 3-story office professional building for sale, lease or purchase option. Existing owner would consider lease back of portion of space. Ample parking, large window line, convenience to all Princeton area … Continue reading 101 Poor Farm Road, Princeton: 6000-18,000/SF- Sale or Lease

More Detailed Summary
CPN Property
CPN Exclusive

15 West Delaware, Pennington, Retail Investment property

15 West Delaware Avenue

Great opportunity for two story property, plus lower level storage.  Second floor apartment.

More Detailed Summary

300 Alexander Park

300 Alexander Park

Well located, walking distance to train, some covered parking available.  Large corner suite with glass line overlooking trees and wetlands.  Cafe on site, part of larger CLASS “A” Corporate Park. Just off Route One, close to restaurants, train and 95.

More Detailed Summary
CPN Property
CPN Exclusive

West Windsor Professional Center

51 Everett Drive

Great location for office, medical, day care or recreation.  Various units available, offering single story space, direct tenant access and utility control.  Ample on site parking.  Large exterior open area available for either day care, recreation, school, or ?  Walking distance to small shopping center with restaurants, near municipal building and train station.  Convenient yet … Continue reading West Windsor Professional Center

More Detailed Summary
CPN Property
CPN Exclusive

Bunn Drive Medical Arts Complex

800 Bunn Drive

Free standing 30,000/SF 3-story building, offering convenient Princeton location off Harrison Street. Immediate occupancy or design to suit. High quality space offered by organization with many other medical complexes throughout the region.

More Detailed Summary