Commercial Real Estate Services, Leasing, Property Sales,

Investment, Development & Acquisition Advisory Services


29 Emmons Drive, Princeton, NJ, 08540

…We Have A Place For Your Company

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Searching for space can be easy and efficient. Our first suggestion is to confirm what some of your general goals are.

This will help you and those you work with, save time in the process.  Issues you may wish to consider are:

  • When do you wish to move. Ideally, plan for this 3-5 months in advance.
  • Where do you ideally wish to move, what type of location issues are important to you.
  • What type of budgetary goals do you have. This will help reduce the range of buildings to see
    timing to relocate.
  • For a host of reasons, we advise developing a relationship with one broker. If qualified, your broker
    will be aware of all spaces currently on the market, those likely to be available and all sublease spaces.
    Your broker would have experience with all other owners and other brokers. They can help you develop
    a baseline of objectives and provide a comprehensive overview of all viable alternatives. They will also
    provide updated property options as the market evolves.

In addition, your broker can help develop a realistic guideline and timeline for the process.
Also, they charge no fees for this service.

Perhaps go to our Search Property Listings on the left side of this page to explore some alternatives.
This is by no means a total overview of all options, though CPN can provide you with 100% of the
market that meets or come close to your goals.